Door To Door


Our door to door service is designed to give you peace of mind. We will move your shipments from your door and will deliver the same to your customers door at once inclusive price, one invoice will cover pickup, transportation, customs clearance and delivery.

Any additional charges incurred at destination such as duties/taxes, storage and airport fees (if applicable) will be billed to the receiving party.

What does our door to door service include?

Our door to door service includes all the steps required for shipping cargo from its origin to the final destination:

  • The pick up of the goods from the buyer’s warehouse or the indicated address to the port of origin (cost of cargo handling in the warehouse is to be borne by the customer)
  • Shipment from the port of origin to the port of destination.
  • Customs clearance both at the port of origin as well as the port of destination,duties and taxes are not included
  • The delivery of the cargo from the port of destination to the final destination at the customer’s warehouse or otherwise indicated address